Charlie Horse Kidney

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Firmer Black

Kidney plug carries the designation S4 in the S-Series

The original idea for these plugs came from a fan and supporter of SquarePegToys®, Charlie, who wanted something that could be worn comfortably for extended periods and that would react to the motions created by walking or clenching the butt.

This unique innovation is what came out of his feedback.

The external part of this plug is narrow and long to tuck between the cheeks.

The longer end curves upright and forward to hug the curve of the body between the legs so that when walking the motion generated causes the plug inside to move slightly.

This quality will be more pronounced in the Firmer Black silicone, but is still only intended to be subtle.

Turn the plug 180 degrees for much less motion and less focus on the prostate.

The Charlie Horse base works like a handle too.

The circumference noted is that of the widest part of each toy.


  • Height 5 1/2"
  • Circ 6"


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