The Prison Bird, Adjustable Chastity Cage

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Lock up your sub's cock and balls in this fully adjustable chastity cage. With a cuff-like design, the base ring of this device accommodates 4 different sizes.

Lock the ring in place with the pin-in-hole plate system to trap his balls in the confines of that stainless steel ring.

Three spacers allow you to adjust the cage to fit his length. This device is breathable and includes a hole for him to urinate through for long-term use.

Cage Length: 70mm. The postioning of the spacers between cage and base ring allows for further adjustment up to a further 20mm in or out.

Internal Diameter: 34mm

Material: stainless steel. Ring Sizes: Adjustable from 40mm/45mm/ 50mm/55mm

About the product:

  • Base ring adjusts to six different sizes
  • Three spacers to adjust shaft length
  • Can be worn long-term
  • The surface is very smooth; it will not damage your skin

Code: P03689

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