Cordless Wand Massager, Black

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‌This black wand massager is economically shaped for comfortable handling along with easy grip ridges, giving you total control. Don't worry about playing near a power socket due to the convenient cordless charging. Compatible with any waterbased lube.

  • 100% silicone, velvet-finish cap
  • 10 unique vibration modes offering a range of sensations
  • Fully adjustable buzz strength
  • New, stronger motor for incredible stimulation
  • USB-rechargeable. (requires standard USB plug)
    "Wand massagers are originally designed for clitoris stimulation. However, they are just as equally INCREDIBLE for penis head stimulation and manufacturers are only recently starting to realise this and are slowly marketing them towards men.
    If you’ve never been sure about trying one, I can tell you that you will have no regret. I have had my biggest orgasms using this baby and it now plays a crucial part in my daily wanking routine.

    Keep the vibrating silicone head on your penis head and you will come like you’ve never come... trust me! Use it on your own or have your playmate tie you up and edge you until you’re begging for release!"
    - Dorian, REGULATION Head Buyer

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