Weapons of Ass Destruction

WAD Rear-end Rocket, Cock Sheath, Medium

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If your boy likes a good, hard fuck, pound him like he's never been pounded before with Mister B's W.A.D. (Weapons of Ass Destruction) Rear-End Rocket Medium.

This handy sheath gives you extra girth and extra length and the textured & veined shaft give it a delicious texture. This sheath features a handy ball strap that will tug on your boys while you fuck him and keep the sheath in place.

With 17cm insertable length and 4.1cm width, this will surely transform your cock into a real Weapon of Ass Destruction.

The W.A.D. series is made out of high-quality, phtalate-free PVC, which makes it compatible with all kinds of lube: water-, silicone- and oil-based.

To put on, squeeze the extender, put your cock in the hole and let the vacuum do the rest.

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