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Series 2B Electro Powerbox

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A high quality Power Box from E-Stim Systems, compatible with their large range or electrodes and accessories.

Audio system
In a similar way to the Series 2 the 2B is fitted with an adjustable sensitivity built in microphone (no external microphone to break off or loose) the 2B also offers true stereo processing, via a 3.5mm stereo input. Designed to plug into the headphone socket of an MP3 or CD player, each audio channel is translated to a powerful controlled pulsing output. As an additional control it is possible to adjust the whole response of the audio processing system, providing a unique insight to stereo based E-Stim. Unlike other audio triggered stim units the Series 2 is designed to use normal audio sources as well more specialized audio tracks.

Digital link
The 2B is fitted with the hardware for a digital PC link,which should allow you to control the 2B from your Windows PC via a USB connection.

With output channel isolation, built in power limiting and soft start controls (they always start at zero whenever you change a mode or switch the unit on), together with a design ethos that stresses safety at every stage the 2B has been designed to be compliant with all of the major UK, US and European safety standards, and carries a CE mark.

Lightweight and portable
The 2B is the same size as our Series 1 and Series 2. Slip it into a play bag, it's all you need for electro pleasure and torment.

A complete solution
With all of the e-stim technology you are not just buying a box, you are purchasing a serious introduction into the E-Stim world, from a company that is dedicated to producing the best in E-Stim technology. They include a comprehensive instruction manual as well as a protective carry case and the batteries and cable you need to get started. and don't forget the 2B is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

As well as the manufacturers lifetime guarantee, they even offer a return to base upgrade. So when we come up with the latest program mode or tweak, you won't be left out. All of these units are shipped with the latest code available at the time of dispatch.

Pack Includes
- 2B Powerbox
- 2 x 3.5mm to 2mm output cables,
- 4 x Adhesive Pads
- 3.5mm Stereo input cable,
- PP3 Battery
- Audio CD
- Carry Case
- User guide.

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