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Jarrah Wood & Rubber Tread Paddle

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‌It's heavy, well balanced, and solidly constructed. Wood on one side, rubber tread on the other, you get two totally different experiences all in one paddle. Made in PADDLE DADDY'S workshop of beautiful Jarrah wood with a professional finish job. Don't accept imitation paddles of poor quality with poorly designed grips that will slip out of your hand. This is the best you can buy and still for a reasonable price.



  • Dimentions: Paddle 21cm x 9cm. 34cm long with handle.
  • Furniture Quality Finish
  • Grip size: Medium/Large
  • Includes leather thong loop in handle

PADDLE DADDY craft paddles out of a range of woods to offer differing weights and sensations, from stinging to a heavy thud. Choose the size and material that gives you the preferred sensation.

LIGHTEST Walnut > Wenge > Jarrah HEAVIEST

Wood is a natural product and, as such, will have variations in colour and grain pattern. Every attempt is made to keep a very consistent look in the quality of the wood used in these paddles, but no two pieces of wood are exactly the same.

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